Student Resilience

CFR has built a coherent, scalable system that provides every student with their personal resilience profile and a prescription with the specific behaviors needed to build their resilience.

The state of university student mental health is at a crisis point. Traditional on-campus counseling and psychiatric services (CAPS) have long waiting times and require self-reporting. What is needed is a prevention/early intervention approach that improves student emotional, cognitive, social and academic performance while reducing the demand on traditional counseling/psychiatric services.


Our system is:

  • Based on the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology and predictive analytics

  • All resources are available on our app

  • The system is inclusive, involving all students

  • Reduces the stigma associated with seeking help

  • Focuses on strengthening and growing the individual

  • Engagement of non-psychiatric resources (e.g. Residential Life, Career Counseling, Campus Chaplaincy, Academic Advisors) simply by augmenting their current conversations with students to include reinforcement of building resilience

CFR's Clients Include:
  • Carnegie Mellon University

  • The Pennsylvania State University

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • University of Notre Dame


Executive Resilience

Our service is specifically designed for the senior-most professionals – those who lead as well as practice the most demanding of callings. Whether you are the Chair of a leading law firm, the Founder of a top performing hedge fund, the Practice Leader for a global consultancy, or Chair of Neurosurgery at a major medical center, CFR will tailor a resilience regimen for you that will fit with your demanding schedule, increase your personal fulfillment, and improve the productivity of yourself and the professionals you lead. 

CFR's Clients Include:
  • Citi Global Markets

  • Citizens Financial Group

  • DTCC

  • EnsembleIQ

  • GE

  • JSI Store Fixtures

  • KPMG

  • Purolator International

  • PVH

  • RBS

  • RFE Investment Partners

  • The Blackstone Group

  • The Conference Board

  • UBS


Healthcare Provider Resilience

Burnout among healthcare providers is among the highest of any profession. For example, Dermatologists' burnout is at 56.5% and Emergency Physicians is at 60%.

Based on the latest neuroscience, our resilience assessments and development tools can not only reverse burnout, they produce changes that prevent burnout from recurring. Changes including 17% greater productivity and 68% improved efficiency allow physicians and other providers to reduce hours worked. Developing resilience allows providers to increase their focus on and empathy with patients. As a result, they recapture their sense of accomplishment and fulfillment from the practice of medicine.

CFR's Clients Include:
  • ​Let’s Get Ready

  • New York Physicians, LLP

  • Northwell Health

  • Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

  • RCPA