Founded in 2016 by Dr. Leo Flanagan and Thomas Bianco, CFR (The Center for Resilience) integrates practical tools to reduce burnout and improve productivity using the latest in research from renowned institutions such as the University of Massachusetts, University of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Stanford University. With our individual and team assessment tools and over 30 development tools, we can show you how to manage your company or firm strategically.

We work to improve wellness and combat burnout in hospitals, universities, and in secondary education. We have worked across industries including financial services (wealth management, investment banking, global markets, asset management, HFs and PEs and their portfolio companies), retail and apparel, and industrial and service companies. Now more than ever, companies and firms need to have the right individuals and teams on the field. We are here to "power performance" by helping these teams and individuals become more productive and resilient. 

In colleges and universities, the majority of students feel overwhelming anxiety and hopelessness and the demand for on-campus mental health services is escalating rapidly. CFR’s 2017 study found that students are highly burned-out and first-year students, in particular, entered the school already in a highly burned-out state. Our model generates a rich and varied number of benefits that prevent burnout and improve performance and resilience in students, faculty, staff and alumni.


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