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Our Story

Founded in 2016, CFR  (The Center for Resilience) integrates the latest in research in neuroscience to provide individuals and teams with practical tools, enabling them to lead highly productive and fulfilling lives. With our individual and team assessment tools and over 30 development tools, we can show you how to manage your company or firm strategically. CFR's app,The Fitness Center for the Brain, is our technology-enabled solution that improves wellness and productivity in the daily lives of students, healthcare providers, and professionals.

Student Resilience

Student burnout is an epidemic. CFR provides students with the tools to improve their mental wellness and resilience in an increasingly hectic and demanding world.  

Healthcare Provider Resilience

Building your resilience and reversing burnout to enable a more productive and fulfilling lives - CFR has the tools to help.

Executive Resilience

CFR provides executives with the tools to increase personal and team productivity and increase their existing assets. 

Stress Is The “Health Epidemic Of The 21st Century"

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